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Choosing a floor for your home takes time and you’re likely to have a few questions along the way. Below are answers to five queries of the Karnean technical team receive most often – helping to make your decision just that little bit easier.

1. Can I have Karndean Designflooring installed over underfloor heating?

Yes! Karndean Designflooring is designed for use over underfloor heating systems. In fact, if you’re interested in parquet flooring, our Art Select parquets are perfect for rooms with underfloor heating, unlike natural wood parquets which require far too many nails for installation.

2. Is Karndean Designflooring resistant to scratches and scuff marks?

Kids and pets? Don’t fret. Our floors are designed to stand up to wear and tear – our guarantee proves it. If you do happen to find a scratch or scuff on your floor, simply use our Karndean Care Kit to refresh your floor and get it looking like new again! Karndean’s Refresh not only improves the appearance of any scuffs or scratches, but can also guard against future damage. We also recommend using felt pads on furniture legs and cleaning dirt off of your shoes on a door mat when coming in the house, simple precautions to avoid accidentally marking or scratching your floor. For more information on how to care for your Karndean Designflooring download our handy guide.

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3. Is it okay to use rugs or door mats on Karndean Designflooring?

Although our floors are already comfortable and warm underfoot, many of us do like the decorative appeal of rugs and the protection of door mats. To keep your floor looking its best, you should only use rugs and mats with a natural latex backing. We recommend Turtle Mats, from here in U.K

4.  I’d like to personalise my new floor, but I’m confused – what options do I have?

What makes Karndean Designflooring so unique is that you can create a floor that’s truly unique to your space. With a variety of sizes and laying patterns, as well as the addition of design strips and borders, you can design a floor that reflects your own personal style. Get creative and play around with your design ideas using our Floorstyle interactive room viewer tool – the digital tool which offers you the chance to view a wide range of wood and stone effect designs in typical room settings. You can even match and pair an array of design components to truly add an individual touch to your flooring.

Davinci Dlooring basingstoke

Pictured above: Our Da Vinci Canadian Maple wood effect plank with Weave Border

5. I’ve found just the floor I’m looking for – what now?

Karndean Designflooring is available through our network of flooring specialists. As a next step, we recommend you call in and speak to us at our showroom here in Basingstoke

We will not only help you through the purchasing process, but will also arrange to have your flooring installed using one of our highly professional installation teams.

Here is an interesting article that I found on the Karndean Flooring blog.

Lisbeth and Jenne are interior designers who work with Karndean giving design tips. In this article they give some creative ideas in making your rooms seem larger – Creating Space.

Take it away girls:

When it comes to arranging furniture to maximise your space, it can sometimes feel like you’re completing a puzzle. Fear not though, as Jenne and I are here to offer up our no-fail design tips and tricks to help you make the most of your space.

No matter the function of the room, first start with decluttering your floor – you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can create the illusion of a bigger space. Typically, this means reducing the number of pieces of furniture you have, as fewer pieces will make a room look instantly bigger and less crowded.

redesigning you flooring space

Above image features our Art Select Fiore marble effect design

Having a lot of accessories can also make a room feel smaller, so consider getting rid of those which don’t add value in either function or style. You may have to be a little ruthless, but cleansing a space is a necessary and rewarding practice.

You’ll find that one of the key features in small homes and loft living is multipurpose furniture – coffee tables that double up as storage, entire offices that close up into a neat corner cabinet, or even wall units that hide beds. I actually added a Murphy bed to my own home office, which means that the space can easily transform from my working hub to my guest suite in a matter of minutes! Another practical way to create added space is making the most of hidden areas – I really like the trend of turning closets into functional offices, as seen below.

Designing flooring for Small areas

Image source: Pinterest

I also added drawers to my staircase. Utilising what would have been wasted, I gained a couple of square feet as I no longer needed the sideboard for storage.

storage under stairs unusual but possible

Be creative with scale. I recently went through a model home where they used scale to enlarge the feel of the room. In what was a relatively small kid’s bedroom, it featured a small four-poster bed, which incorporated smart storage underneath the frame. This meant that the other pieces of furniture didn’t need to be overly accommodating. By not over-burdening the room, they had created floor space more room to walk around and put the emphasis on the custom bed frame.

Lime wash wood planking from Karndean

Above image features our Knight Tile Lime Washed Oak

Your choice of wall color is another great way to expand a space. Your paint choice will depend on the amount of natural light in the space as well as the style of the home. I always suggest experimenting with some color samples – live with them and see their various tones according to the time of day. Also, don’t forget about the ceiling, sometimes a darker hue on the ceiling can create the illusion of a taller space; just like the night sky is limitless, a dark ceiling can create the same effect.

Interior design is all about achieving a certain look, feel or purpose for a room; essentially creating an illusion using clever design. With a well thought-out floor plan, featuring smart furniture and practical storage, no matter the size of your room, you’ll easily create the sense of space and make the most out of every inch available.

Jenne’s Tip: You can also use flooring to make a living area feel larger – a bit of visual trickery! For instance, just because you have a small room, you don’t necessarily have to install a small-sized flooring product. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Putting larger planks or tiles in a small space will have a tremendous impact on the design and feel of the room. With larger formats, there are fewer joints, breaks, or grout lines in the appearance of the floor. This is less distracting to the eye and makes the space feel larger.

If you happen to have a long, rectangular room the floor can balance and provide even proportion to the space when installed at an angle.

design your room with Karndean

Try out Karndean’s unique Floorstyle Interactive Room Viewer (pictured above), which will allow you to see how different sized floors and different angles can impact a room. Karndean’s stone and wood effect products can be designed in almost any pattern or personalised layout to suit your space.

The history…According to Wikipedia  The word derives from the Old French parchet (the diminutive of parc), literally meaning “a small enclosed space”. Large diagonal squares known as parquet de Versailles were introduced in 1684 as parquet de menuiserie (“woodwork parquet”) to replace the marble flooring that required constant washing, which tended to rot the joists beneath the floors.

Karndean Flooring’s parquet collection is inspired by traditional parquetry and can be arranged in a variety of patterns for a truly unique look. Look to the striking diagonals of herringbone to give a real sense of style in your living and dining spaces. Or, take a step away from traditional and look to introduce block designs or shaker style in your home.

Geometric patterns are continuing to grow in popularity within interior design this year. Known for their eye-catching complexity, these patterns offer design diversity and have the ability to create a standout contribution to any space. The adaptability of this trend means you’ll find endless home décor elements boasting geometric beauty; from tumbler glasses to bed linen, wallpaper to flooring.

Probably one of the most classic representations of all the interior geometric designs is parquet flooring. With an array of pattern and design variations, parquet flooring strikes the right tone in any style of home. Here are a few examples of parquetry from

Karndean design flooring, shows how this striking flooring design can perfectly pair with your interior design. Herringbone parquet – boasting the appeal of that classic ideal, this intricate design works particularly well in bedrooms and hallways. More than a complementary backdrop, it brings depth and detail without overpowering a space.

Parquet Flooring Basingstoke

Black Oak Parquet


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There are so many ways to re-energise your living space this Spring. Many of us get a bit of cabin fever after a long Winter, but Spring is a great time to open up the house and breathe new life into your place. All around us, nature is awakening after months of hibernation, so why not revive your house, too?

Here are seven simple steps to bring Spring into your home:

1. A new paint colour can change the whole look of the room. colours have a psychological effect on us, and each colour has its own meaning and energy. Be brave and have fun. If you’re unsure whether to paint the whole room with a one colour, paint an accent wall and live with it for a while. See if you like it, you can then always finish the rest of the room later on.

2. Bring the colour of the outdoors in. Flowers and plants add to a home’s energy, and are a great way to add some additional colour and texture to a space.

Using different colours to enhance your flooring

Above image features Karndean LooseLay Hudson

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Thinking of new flooring for your home? Have you tried Karndean’s Floor style Interactive Room Viewer.

Karndean have introduced a new interactive room viewer, Floorstyle, which lets you view their wide range of floors in typical settings

Choosing flooring for your home


How to use Floorstyle

Select a room. Choose from 20 different room settings.
Choose a floor. Choose from more than 150 products; your latest sample request will load automatically.
Select an installation design. Choose from different laying patterns with or without corresponding design strips.
Choose a colour. Available in most room settings, you can change the colour of the room’s walls and/or cabinets.
Save, print or share!

Please note that although Floorstyle works well on a range of computers and mobile devices.

Karndean floors are designed with unique grain patterns and textures which are sometimes difficult to replicate on screen; in particular, the most textured designs from the Art Select, Da Vinci and Michelangelo ranges. Because of this, they recommend you request a product sample or pop in to our Karndean flooring showroom to see and feel the product and get some great advice before making your decision.

Choosing flooring for your bathroom can be a little tricky, partly because of the confined space allocated to our most private of rooms.

But two of the Interior Stylists for Karndean Designflooring – Lisbeth and Jenne, have come up with some unique ideas, more of which you can find on their blog here.

But here is the article on Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is often seen as a private sanctuary. It’s your place to refresh and relax. It can be the room that invigorates you at the start of your day, or it can be the place you leave your stresses at the end of the day with a hot bubble bath. Read more

We’re excited to announce Karndean LooseLay Series Three collection is now available here in the UK.

They have added six new stunning wood effect designs to our innovative luxury vinyl tile range, encompassing popular oak tones, fashionable rustic and deep greys.

Karndean Looselay Series 3
Karndean Looselay Series 3


Steve Curry, head of product, says the new products feature some of our best designs to date. “The new Karndean LooseLay planks are a fresh take on our friction-backed products. We’re combining our inspiration of rustic looks and interesting grain patterns with up-and-coming colour trends to offer some absolutely fantastic designs!”


Karndean Flooring are introducing an exciting new video series, called IDentity.

They are bringing in design flooring experts that will take you on a journey of discovery. In each episode, their experts discuss and demonstrate just how easy it is to create your own unique design using their luxury vinyl flooring.

They will be looking at both commercial and residential spaces, you’ll discover how their products are designed to offer the aesthetic appeal of natural woods and stones, whilst allowing you to incorporate individual design options to define and optimise your space.

In their first IDentity video, their design flooring consultant explains how you can create a look unique to your own home using their exclusive design components.

Guiding you through Karndean’s wide range of design strips and borders to show you there are endless options to enhance and complement your space.

For further help, guidance and design ideas, please call into our flooring design showroom in Basingstoke



I came across an article the other day that I though might be of interest to anyone in the midst of pursuing a flooring project.

When someone visits our flooring showroom in Basingstoke, they often have looked through the catalogues on line and have some idea of what they are looking for, but choosing a colour, now that’s personal..

So have a read of this article and it might just give you some different ideas..It comes from the Karndean flooring Blog. From Jenne and Lisbeth, two of Karndean’s stylists….

Interior Styling with Lisbeth and Jenne: Looking for inspiration? Open your spice cabinet!

So, you’ve decided to begin a new home improvement project and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – sometimes inspiration can seem difficult to find, but don’t be too hard on yourself, inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Of course, there are always practical considerations, such as the size of your space and its function, but follow the lead from your heart. What do you really like and what would make you feel most comfortable when you’re done?

Take a walk through your home and determine what you like most. What truly reflects your personal style? What would you never want to give up? It may be a special object, a lamp, a piece of art or collectable item from your travels. Personally, when I’m looking for colour and texture ideas, I look no further than my kitchen.

Start with your spice cabinet – you probably have marvellous spices in shades of mahogany, cayenne, crimson, and copper, mixed in with lighter shades of cream and white, and of course, black pepper. Paprika is a great shade to work with – its combination of red and brown not only adds the perfect finishing touch to your favorite dishes, but can also ‘spice up’ your living spaces.

Kardean Flooring Basingstoke different colours available

Moving away from your spice cabinet, have a look in your refrigerator. When I open the door to my fridge, the colors are overwhelming – summer squash sitting next to dark-green cucumbers and violet grapes – vibrant colors that instantly lift my mood! The other day I stopped at our local fruit farm to pick some berries – the raspberries and blackberries almost seemed to highlight each other in the sunlight. Soft furnishings are a perfect way of allowing you to capture these sumptuous tones and experiment with colours you wouldn’t necessarily consider for fear of overpowering a room.

‘Inspiration can also be found outdoors,’ adds Jenne. ‘A big part of my job role is to look at the colors and tones in nature – it seems to have an incredible way of putting complementary colors together so they look just right. Venture outside, walk around and consider how you could bring the splendor of the outdoors into your own home.’
It’s important to note your own personal style – as I think about my clothing, I’m partial to various shades of reds, blues, and yellows with a splash of cooler tones. It’s likely you’ll be able to instantly pick out a favorable and prominent color – a color you feel confident wearing could also be a color you’d feel confident placing in your interiors scheme. If you look carefully, you’ll find inspiration in the most unusual places.

So remember, don’t panic – inspiration for your next project is everywhere.

Jenne’s take: I love Pinterest. It is my go-to place for cataloging things that inspire me. I can quickly save ideas, even if I don’t have a plan for them in mind at the moment. When the time comes to work on a project, Pinterest is a great place to reflect on my collection of inspirational ideas. It’s like digital brainstorming for home design.

Need flooring ideas for your home?  Need inspiration? Then take a look at the designs on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a terrific social media site, but you may not have heard of it, even though it was founded in 2010.

So what is Pinterest?

The simple answer is that Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board

pinterest logo

Here is the wikipedia explanation:
Users create and share the collections of visual bookmarks (boards). Boards are created through a user selecting an item, page, website, etc. and pinning it to an existing or newly created board. Users save and share pins from multiple resources onto boards based on a plethora of criteria, e.g. similar characteristics, a theme, birthday parties, planning a vacation, writing a book, interior decorating, holidays. Boards can develop projects, organize events, or save pictures and data together.

The downside is that you will have to sign up to Pinterest to view the boards, but you can use you Facebook, Twitter or email account to do so.

One you sign up you will be able to join the community and great some great ideas relating to hobbies, projects, TV programmes etc.

However what I want to bring your attention to is the Karndean Flooring Pinterest Board.

On their board you will find lots of ideas to inspire you. Not only are there contributions from Karndean, but also you can see what others have done to improve their home with new flooring.

If you are thinking about upgrading to new flooring, then take a look at Karndean’s Pinterest Board.

If you would like any further help or design advice, then call in to our flooring showroom in Basingstoke.



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